How to Redesign Website Without Affecting SEO?

Redesigning a website will certainly give a fresh and attractive look to it but you should have known if it will be successful or not. SEO website redesign may be more beneficial or the largest blunder with every single change in content, links, layouts and more. Mainly, an SEO-friendly website can rank on the top with various strategies but its redesigning may affect its ranking and the numbers of visitors.

Website redesigning is the best way to improve your website appeal and keep it up to date with the times. In the competitive environment of business, you can do better with the latest website that gives an improved user experience to your clients that your competitors.

But What if your website redesign will affect your SEO ranking factor? You will certainly miss out on the business that will not be beneficial for you. You must is more careful and pay attention to some important factors that will help you to redesign your site with affecting SEO. Therefore, a web design company will guide you appropriately in order to redesign your website without losing SEO. Plus, you should consider a few factors while restructuring a website.

Setup New Website on A Temporary URL

It is highly advised to copy your existing site on a temporary URL, work on the latest design and switch the domain and everything works with no troubles. There are few technical details for the process to work correctly but your hosting provider must be able to guide you. Working directly on your live website is not advised because a lot of stuff can go wrong when you start making some design changes.

Website Audit Is Compulsory-

The website audit will assist you to distinguish the entire minor to major thing about your site. You will know exactly what search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN like about your site and whatnot. It is a very important suggestion for you that you should consider all these factors to maintain your current ranking. There are a few important factors which should be taken into the account in the matter of the audit process. It is highly advised that it will be done under the guidance of digital marketing services provider for best and positive results.

Observe Crawl moving on the current website-

Web Crawl is very helpful to make a good clasp on your website’ s structure. Your search engine optimization has aided a quality network of web pages and content to deliver the SEO value it clasps. If you discount the structure and jump into the redesign, you will miss out all that hard work. Wait until a web crawling on the site, then you need to take few minutes for a redesign.

Confirm Your New Website Is Not Indexed Under Development

As we know very well that all search engine optimization strategies will be based on your content, you want to remember the old bits on the new website. Before this process, confirm that your website is not indexed by Google. When your site and content is the same, the ranking of the new website will be dropped just by having duplicate content. Hence we do not like this. Make sure that your website should not be indexed by CMS before making changes into the content.


Lastly, it is extremely important to monitor the changes and seek for any potential development. You need to keep a close tab on the rankings of top keywords. There are a lot of SEO tools available that allow you to keep track of these keywords. Still, if you have any questions, you should select a top web development services immediately to get the complete technical guidance. Online experts are also available to guide you properly in order to keep you safe and secure.

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